Saint Louis Midwife

BJC Medical Group Midwife — Kari Reimann

Our mission here at Professionals in OBGYN has always been to take into account a woman’s holistic needs and priorities in childbirth as well as general gynecology care. Being in tune with your physical and emotional signals is a large part of the equation of female reproductive health and therefore something we weave into our entire philosophy, as well as our BJC Medical Group Midwife service.

As medical director of midwifery at Missouri Baptist Medical Center it was a natural decision to work with BJC medical group in the development of a hospital based midwifery program. Dr. Mormol works in collaboration with Kari Reimann, CNM to provide woman additional midwifery birth options.  Midwife Kari Reimann provides hospital based CNM care. We are able to provide a range of holistic natural childbirth programs and options, including the following:

Hospital midwife care

Our purpose-built birthing suites are designed to provide a calm, safe and pleasant environment where you can give birth with as little stress as possible. However, as we understand that personal preferences do vary, your BJC Medical Group midwife can also assist you in giving the at home birth experience in the safety of the hospital setting. Of course, with challenging births, Dr. Mormol or another midwife friendly physician is available for immediate consultation.

Water Birth

Research has shown that immersion in the gentle caress of water during childbirth reduces stress, making birth easier for many women. To ensure the safest, most comfortable environment, our O'Fallon and St. Louis water birth facilities provide spacious, built-in birthing tubs as well as the option to rent your own preferred birthing pool. Our staff have as much as 20 years experience in water births in St. Louis and will ensure a safe, natural experience

Breastfeeding Training in St. Louis

Breastfeeding Support

The bond between Mother and child is established and sustained through the physical and emotionally beneficial process of breastfeeding. Its importance during baby’s first weeks and months cannot be overstated. Therefore our midwives and our own Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) are on hand to assist you in initiating breastfeeding the moment your new baby is ready—usually within one hour of birth. We also offer classes and consultations to new mothers who are breastfeeding.

If a midwife is something you would like to consider for your upcoming birth, we would be happy for you to meet our midwife, Kari Reimann, with an in person visit or zoom meeting. To arrange this, please contact us at 314-842-0340 or [email protected].